Cleaning intake valve service

BMW N54 Intake Valve Cleaning by Walnut Blasting

Our customers kept raving about how well their cars drove after our technicians completed the intake valve cleaning through Walnut Blasting Service on their N54 powered cars.. (Found in the BMW 135i 335i 535i and 740i) We knew the carbon build up was causing poor fuel economy, rough running and power loss. We never expected the results we achieved with a before and after Dyno comparison.


Before and after Dyno results showing a 13 peak horsepower increase

intake valve dirty

Intake valves and ports before cleaning.

Cleaning intake valve service

Intake valves & ports after the walnut blasting procedure.

dirty from cleaning

We sifted out the walnuts vacuumed up after the procedure and recovered all the carbon (quarter for size comparison) All this was blocking the intake ports. Its enough to completely block one entire port!!

dyno after cleaning

Dyno graph showing the temperature difference after the service is throughly completed! Ready to restore your vehicle’s performance? Contact Us to make an appointment!