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EuroMpire offers the best in BMW service, work quality and value of any BMW Repair Shop in Charlotte, Monroe, and surrounding NC areas. When your BMW needs service and maintenance, repair or maybe a special performance project, EuroMpire is your best choice. With thousands of happy, satisfied customers, our team will always be welcoming, knowledgeable and honest to YOU. At EuroMpire, we are driven by our work ethic… Honesty, Integrity and drive for perfection.

BMW Service & Repair

If you’re the owner of a BMW, you know that these cars are built to last. But like any vehicle, they will eventually need repairs and maintenance. Unfortunately, BMWs can be quite expensive to maintain, especially at dealerships. That’s why many BMW owners choose to take their car to an independent repair shop.

Independent shops are often just as qualified as dealerships to perform repairs and maintenance on BMWs. In fact, many independent shops specialize in European makes like BMW. That means that they have the experience and expertise to work on your car properly.

There are some common problems that BMW owners face with their cars. These include engine problems, electrical problems, and drivetrain problems. Let’s take a closer look at each of these issues.

BMW Engine, Electrical & Drivetrain Problems

BMW Engine Problems

As an owner, we know that our BMWs are popular for their luxury, style, and performance. However, BMWs have also been known to have engine problems. BMW engines are complex and sensitive, and when something goes wrong, it can be difficult and expensive to fix. BMW has issued several recalls for engine problems, and many owners have complained about various engine issues. Some of the most common BMW engine problems include oil leaks, cylinder head failures, timing chain failures, and fuel pump failures. If you own a BMW, it is important to be aware of these potential problems and to have your car serviced regularly by a qualified BMW service shop.

BMW Electrical Problems

Electrical problems are another common issue for BMW owners. These can range from simple issues like blown fuses to more complicated repair problems with the electrical system. If you’re having electrical problems with your BMW, it’s best to take it to an experienced professional for diagnosis and repair.

BMW Drivertrain Problems

BMW is a popular car brand, and unfortunately, their transmissions have been known to give drivers problems. Many BMW owners have complained about transmission and drivetrain problems in general. Drivetrain problems can cause your car to jerk or shudder when you try to accelerate, and can cause multiple mechanical and safety related issues.
If you’re experiencing any of these problems with your BMW, take it to a qualified BMW service center IMMEDIATELY! The team at EuroMpire has the skills and equipment needed to properly diagnose, service and repair your BMW, getting you back on the road as soon as possible!

BMW Dealerships

Many BMW owners choose to avoid dealerships altogether. This is because dealerships can be quite expensive, especially for repairs and maintenance. In many cases, even oil changes cost hundreds more at dealerships, FOR THE SAME OIL AND FILTER! Additionally, dealerships often don’t have the same level of experience and expertise as independent shops when it comes to working on BMWs.

Independent BMW shops

Independent shops are often a better option for BMW owners than dealerships. They often have more experience working on various BMWs, and usually have lower auto service labor costs, which keeps more money in your wallet. When choosing an independent shop, it is important for any BMW owner, to read all reviews and compare pricing before making a decision. A well-maintained BMW can last for years and provide its owner with countless miles of driving pleasure, but like any car, it will eventually need repairs and maintenance. When that time comes, make sure you take it to an experienced BMW service professional who can get the job done right.

When it is time to get your BMW service going, contact the professional team at EuroMpire. We have the expertise, work quality and best value of any BMW Repair shop in Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas. Call, email or visit our website to schedule your appointment!

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